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Welcome to My Feathered Flock.
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Pets and Pics.

Under construction. Probably 8-17-03 or so.


These are some of my eggers. My hens strickly for eggs! I will get close-ups of each breed for you later on! Their not all here yet either. Some ran off with their treats. This stream is right off the deck and i enjoy tossing treats and watching the girls go. These are the only ones that free range. To keep breeds pure i keep them seperate and in pens. If my millie has gone broody and is raising chicks i will put her boy in with the hens to give her a break..


This gorgious gal and handsome rooster & pretty chick. Are my Mille Fluers. She is 4 yrs old and he is 2 the chicks is hatched this year a few months ago. Thier true names are "Bearded Booted D'Uccles". She is laying again but her eggs are going under my broody araucana. Millie is one of my best broody hens and a terrfic mom. I thought she could use a break for awhile.
These aren't the best pics but i will update!


Here is an action shot! His name is Mill Roo hers is Millie and i'm not sure abou the chick yet but i'm sure it's a hen. Baby roo's would have sprouted a comb by now!


This is my pair of White cochins.
I picked them up at the NJ State fair this year. Thier supposed to be 2003 hatch. So i may get eggs from her any day! I'm looking forward to that! They are not tame in any way and don't know what to do with scratch grains or treats like lettuce and apples. But their so gorgious!


These are my Plymouth Barred Rock Chicks.
I got these on August 5th 2003.This was as day olds. They now fill the home made brooder with the other chicks. They have grown. I will update as they grow!


These are my Austrelorp chicks. I got them on Aug 7th 2003. Also at the NJ State fair. I brought home the cochins that day also. It was a great day for buying poultry! They too now fill the brooder with the Barred Rocks. They have grown but seem to be calm chicks. I hope that will bet their nature as they mature.


This is my daughter who loves handeling the chicks. She insists on doing crazy things with them. Like this one putting it on her head! LOL She's my number one Chick tho! :) And a hen too boot! :)


This is Kipper. She is a mix between a Dutch bantam rooster and a Mille fluer hen. She had a hatchmate that didn't make it and two of the worst broody moms. She fell out of the nest, as well as her mate. The other hens killed the first one and pecked off her toe. I brought her in when i herd the comotion and raised her in the house. Since she was now alone we gave her lots of attention (since some can die of lonliness) and she because very tame. She was mad when i put her in with the hens. Once she found a roo tho she mellowed and forgave me. She likes to come get pet and my daughter does some crazy things with her. But she loves it and comes back for more. Then runs around with the others. She has the best of both worlds. LOL
Right now she is laying her eggs in this water can as the broody araucana won't let her get near the tire nests.
She is one special bird


These are our two peking ducks. My neighbor lives in the city most of the year and her grandkids got these as day olds. They soon relized they had no room for them. I took them in and we tried handling them but the others were pretty rough. They stick close to home and roost with the chickens in the chicken pens. They come when you do the chicken call for treats now. They are grown so much. But they are a real joy. I imagined ducks being harder to handle and alot pooppier. These two are hens and are just a joy to have around. I'm not sure of thier age. I believe they were easter hatch 2003.


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