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Welcome to My Feathered Flock.
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Pheasants, Yellow Golden

Page Added and Updated on 10/20/03

I noticed with my young yellow goldens that shortly after the eye colored changed (Green male, Brown female, Same as for Red goldens and Same age) that the male got lighter in coloration and the hens brown spotting got darker.
I didn't get a chance to take a picture before i traded Andrea for some Royal Palm Turkey chicks.


This is my new pair of Yellow Golden Pheasants. Also given to me by Eveanne and Family. They too are very calm. They are just coming thru the other side of thier molt as well. The hen lost her tail feathers and a new set is coming in so beautifully.
I recieved these two on July 27th also and both the male and female are aprox 2 yrs old. I was never really into the yellows but they are so pretty i am hooked now. He too has gotten more brilliant in color since he's been here. Sweet tempered calm birds. Just adore my new additions.

Here is some nice shots of my Yellow Golden. These were taken around 8-13-03. His hen is in the first picture and she's on the left. Very light in color. I will try to get more shots of him and his hen as he has gotten even more brilliant in color as well.



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