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Welcome to My Feathered Flock.
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These are poultry books i etiher have myself or someone suggested to me and i read! Most books reffer to the variety of pultry from chickens to guineafowl,quail, ducks, turkeys etc..
When you get into ornamental pheasants like Tragopans, Swinhoes and such you may want more breed specific books!
If you have any suggestions please feel free to email the title and author to me and i will read them before posting them!!

Just click the title to get a price from
I have also provided a link to Amazon and Barnes & Noble home pages!

My favorite is:
Great book full of infowhich is easy to read. Covers Chickens but makes referances to pheasants, guineafowl, quail as well.! Also great quick refferance source, when your in a hurry.  I have been gone back to it time and time agian for all kinds of information, from basic care to meds. Chaulk full of needed information. In my opinion it's a must own item!!!

Another choice is :
I feel this to is a must own item! Also full of great information easy to read and understand. Not to mention the quick refferance your able to do in a hurry!!

This book was suggested by Theresa Wade, from the message board at
It is terrific for a beginner! Surprisingly i found information i forgot and got some great New ideas from this book to. Highly recommend it for a beginner or as a refreasher for us more experianced poultry breeders! Books

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