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Welcome to My Feathered Flock.
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January 7th 2006,
Wow can't believe it's been two years since i updated.
That is because my Dad and Step Mom got sick last year and after her passing we had to move dad with us. We are all still adjusting.
The house is ours and we are working on the new coops. My new neighbor is a real be-atch. She's not happy unless she is annoying her neighbors. But that's another, ongoing story.
I have birds to trade or sell. I am selling (or trade) my pheasants,. I have 1 yellow golden male, 2 red golden males, and a female temminack tragopan. If interested give me a call on my cell 1-201-230-8997.
I also sell jewelry now, so i'm doing some small home shows, like tupperware, only it's sterling silver jewelry called Silpada Designs.
I've also gone froma  size 30 in pants to a size 20. And am still actively working on my weight loss. I am hearing lots about these blogs and may look into adding one here. We'll see.
Plus my daughter is getting bigger and doing more things herself, i just drive. LOL
But i think Jan 30th or so i will add some chicks to my new coops, looking into some Bearded Botted d'Uccles again. I'm actually gearing up for that. I miss that breed. They were the best pet chickens going!
Anyway will update more shortly, maybe a few pictures and such. :)
Happy New Year All, Hope your all doing great and hope to hear from you soon. :)