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Welcome to My Feathered Flock.
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Message Boards

These are a few of my favorites.


Dom Birds


Some of these you may have to join but they are good places for information to share and be shared. These are good places to buy and sell birds as well.

My Ebay Auctions

This is my list on Ebay and some of the NON-Poultry related items, up for auction! Love ebay as a seller and a buyer, have found lots of good chicken knick Knacks on there too!


To see what i have up for auction just click search and then type in FeatheredFlock in the "search by seller" box, then click, it will take you to my sales.
 If you want to see more items click "listings" at the top of the page and it will take you to all the choices! A tip:  Auctions are great but always be a smart shopper!

Feather site

This site has lots of pictures and other info on types of chickens, and other poultry. Great site to see what would catch your eye in the future, or to just read up on some of the varieties available! Truely an enjoyable site!


This site is a good one to look around on. Has great shipping tips and also great information and even some good pics of candled eggs. I have turned to it a few times myself. Look it over and see!

Mason Hatcheries for Guineas!

Here is a link to Masons hatcheries. Great source of guinea eggs and keets if i can not provide what your looking for. Good source to see what colors you might like and other good guinea information. He is patient to talk to and has a message board of his own if you have questions that go unasked elsewhere!


This site is maintained by K.J. Theodore & it has a great site with great articles on Poultry Health issues! She writes for the Poultry Press and i find this site very informative. Not to mention the rest of her site is great!  


This whole site is dedicated to Game Birds & Water Fowl. There is alot of excelent info on this site! As well as a great message board. If your into pheasants please check it out! You'll make an informed decision as well as a long wish list once you've run thru it a few times! :)