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Welcome to My Feathered Flock.
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Pheasants, Red Golden

Pheasant fax:
* At a pretty early age (aprox 3 months 12 weeks old) you can determine sex by the eye color. Males have green eyes, Females have Brown.
* It takes aprox 2 to 3 yrs for a male to fully color out.
* These birds can handle the cold weather with minimal care
* They originate from the moutainous areas of China
* It does well on a standard pheasant diet which can include mixed grains, greens, and/or manufactured game bird feeds
* Due to their good nature they are usually good starter birds for begginers to get involved with.
* F-quaility is always a selling point. Most of the time it's not lagit. I asked on one of my favorite boards and Noah replied with :
Kurt Landig wrote an excellent article on the subject. In it he talked about the F1 theory. F stands for Felale which means from wild stock. So if you have F1 birds then they would have to be birds caught out of the wild and then successfully bred together making there offspring F1. So when people say they have F1 birds, ask to see the importation papers on the parents, without them they are just useing the term to try to boost the sales of their birds.
A top from Dan Cowell about Zoo's:
"Some breeders will claim birds from zoo stock are automatically f-1.  I am very familiar with how zoos acquire their birds and several pheasant species that are kept in zoos are not from wild importations.  Some folks will slap the tag "from so & so zoo lines" when selling their birds.  Well it does sound flashy, but it doesn't hold much bearing." 
*Please remember this if you buy F quailty stolk on eggbid. If the auctioneer states they have F-1 birds, ask for the importation papers on the parents. Someone with computer skills enough to post pics and do eggbid can easily copy thier papers and fax or jpg them to you!  (in my humble opinion).
*If they alegidly come from a zoo then you can easily look up the phone number out of the book or 411 and call and ask questions from the source yourself, if lagit!! If not the zoo can varify that as well.
*Never take the phone number from the person your dealing with as they can easily give you thier phone number or friends and answere pretending to be the zoo! Get zoo number on your own!

This link will give you great info on Golden pheasants.

This link will give you excellent info on all kinds of pheasants. Gives detailed description of what they should look like. Excellent info on all kinds of pheasants. It's a must see site!


This is my new pair (now trio,updated pic on 10-20-03) of Red Golden Pheasants (on the left. Right is a closeup of the male). The male is aprox 5 yrs old and the female aprox 2yrs old. I got them July 27th 2003.
They are just coming out of a molt and since this picture he's become even more brillant. They are very calm birds then i'm used to. Really good tempered birds. They do not get flighty with me at all and that's a real joy. Knowing i can go in and do things without them flying around panicing.
These birds were given to me by Eveanne and her husband in Upstate NY. They wanted to give the birds to a good home with nice big pens. I'm greatful they picked me! The new birds bring real joy in my life.
I had to get rid of my old ones because we were asked to move. Then the landlord changed their minds. But after i had sold 2/3 of my flock off. It broke my heart and it's being filled agian with these beautiful birds!
Thank you again Eveanne & Family!
By the way they were terrfic people & we had a great time at their house!!


This is my chick coop filled with 5 Red Goldend Pheasant chicks. 2 Yellow Golden Pheasant chicks. And two Silkie-Mille fluer mixed chicks.
I am hoping to get a few hens for the males i already have. But i'll wait and see how they color out before i make a total decision to sell any off. I'll probaby keep them all.
These i got upstate NY from Lee. He had many varieties and they were all gorgious. He is a true birder always under construction and such. But the place was clean and he and his family were great hosts as well. Terrific people also.
These birds too were unusually calm. I normally have trouble catching birds and have to send in my daughter. She's great at it...but i just picked em up and they barely made a fuss. I can sit in this coop with them and they will not beat themselves silly. I go in daily and spend time with them. I want to tame up these and i would like to be able to bring them to my daughters school to show off. We'll see how that experiment goes. Right now i'm trying to find a treat they can't resist. So far lettuce has won the fight. Were introducing them to apples next.
These birds are this years hatch. Most of my old pheasants were almost colored out, so i never found out first hand how long it actually takes them to finish coloring. I have seen the process but just not from chick age. I'm excited to see if it takes 1, 2 or 3 yrs. first hand!
Again they are filling the void of the birds i had to sell and i'm in love with them also. Just terrific birds.
Thanks again Lee!

In my experiance:
I have fed mine game bird starter and game bird feed. When i ran out of $ i have used regular layena layer crumbles. All have served my birds well.
I also feed pleanty of Apples, Bananna's, Lettuce, Berries, Black sunflower seeds, Poultry scratch, Cracked corn as treats. They love and do well on all these things.
Thier pens are 16 feet long by 6 feet wide. They are partially roofed. They have a tire as a nest and there are two tree limbs in there. I want plants in thier coops but still am working on that! Still looking for plants that are not poisanus!


This is Red the new male a few weeks after we took the original picture up top. He is coming along with his new feathers. The colors didn't show up that great but their much more brilliant then the first pic.On 8-16-03 i took new pictures and got them on here same day! These are the newest shots.



This is him with his hen she is not really as light as she appears here.





These are my pheasant chicks with two silkie-millie fluer mixed chicks. This is taken on 8-15-03. Thier growing so fast already. Thier eye color is changing a bit in the older birds. I can tell i have at least three males. I suspect my two Yellow Goldens are both males as their eyes are now a blue around the iris. One is still pretty  young. But i have at least one hen that is a hen! She is one of the older Red Goldens. I will keep updateing. Oh sorry for the angle it was tricky with the little ones.

Below is an update on 10-20-03 The pair is now a Trio as i added my young red golden hen in with the established pair. She will be mature next spring.
I've noticed too his tail is much longer then the old pheasants i had. Seems it gets longer with age. That is something i can watch for with my younger pheasant roo. I will upload pics of that trio soon.