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Welcome to My Feathered Flock.


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My Resume

Allyson Smith

For directions check out
Tinkers Dr.
Greenwood Lake NY 10925

Reasons i'm on here is cause my interests in this hobby keep growing so does the feed bill. If i sell some offspring maybe i can pay that bill! :)

But i am finding as my feed bill grows so does my interesting in other poultry/fowl/birds. Hence my willingness to trade quaility stock. :)

I have now got more then 4 years of experiance. I have had a limited amount of illness in my birds. I do practice preventative medicine and it has paid off! Although i have lost my share of poultry, due to inexperiance. I'm sure i will in loose more in the future as well. I have not met anyone who knew it all, just ask any successfull oldtimer! They'll tell me they've seem much...but have never seen it all! :)

Job Title :
Ahh i have had many a Title...LOL
Home maker, Maid, clean up crew, Wreacking Crew, Nurses aide, Nurse, Chef, CADC, Motocycle enthusiast, Biker chick, Broad, woman, Babe, Big mama, Lil lady (long time ago LOL), Honey, "My Wife", "Old Lady", even "the Bird Lady" bye my local post office, And many more......
But none as sweet as "MOMMY"!! :)

I have also dabbled as store owner, ebay auctioneer, and secretary.
Presently i'm just a Bird Enthusiast, or Back Yard Breeder, I hope to be all that and more. Will inform you of future endeavors! :)
Isn't it great to have the freedom to change?!

Upcomeing in September when my daughter goes to kindergarden full time, i will be an ebay auctioneer agian. I will also be finding time to go to more auctions. Of course that will be when my birds are finishing up thier breeding season and will be settling down for the winter. No more winter hatches for me....She laughs, knowing the fatality of that remark...LOL :D