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Welcome to My Feathered Flock.


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Right now  i have the Bearded Booted D'Uccles & some Porceline Mille Fluers. Bearded D'Uccles are often called a Mille Fluer. Mille fluer is the color pattern, french for Thousand Flowers. They have started laying & i have 9 chicks available. But i will hatch to order!  Email me if interested. 
Mille fluers are very sweet in temperment. I have herd that they take 3 yrs to get to thier full color.
The hens in this case are 2 yrs old. The rooster is just starting to get his flowers. I was not told his age but suspect he is a year or just over! When these birds start getting thier "flowers" you swear they are changing before your eyes!
If handled daily this breed will be very calm and very tame. They are so sweet even when not handled! In my experiance, they are great ones to start a 4-H project with, just great!!!!
As of 6/02 i have 9 chicks avaialable Please email inquires!


Here are is the Trio. As you can see even in this shot the hens are much more colored out then the rooster. My hens give you a shot of the color variations that you can come across with the hens. Very sweet birds i recommend highly!


Here is my male strutting his stuff. Now you can see why i would want to show will be an experiance for me to do so. But he does have some coloring out to do yet!
Rooster is named "Mille Roo"


This is just another shot of my gals!
Hen with brown beard is "Millie"
Hen with white beard is "2 flower"
2 flower for the longest time is all she had was just two white spots. She has made up for that since then!

As of 3/07/02 I have added some Porceline (Bearded, Booted) D' Uccles to my selection. At present i have not taken any pictures but will be soon! They stopped laying due to fall. I will notify as soon as they start up again. Thank you.

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