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Welcome to My Feathered Flock.


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My Pets

Above and beyond what i'm selling i have some chickens, mostly just hens for laying. 2 cats and a Dog. Oh did i forget the pigs nad my previous house chicken? LOL

This is BB her name is short for B**l Buster.

I got her over 10 yrs ago from a kennel i worked in. Someone dropped her off near death, she was adopted by the kennel owners and then me. She used to be in with bigger, tougher, older collies. She would pick on them til they played with her. Once they got tired they'd get mad and grouchy, she'd really start to bust them then.....that is the nice way of telling how she got her name! LOL
All that said, she is very docile, loveing and tolerant. But if i was a dog i wouldn't mess with her, she has had fights with loose pit bulls and sent them running home bloody with thier tails between thier legs.

A black dog; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Cassy and China

(hmm only got one of China, have to update later)
They are sisters that are totally different. Same color different patterns, different hair in fact. One is cool and one is jittery. Both are very loving and have taken alot of abuse from my duaghter! LOL

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide


Here is a shot of my hens, mostly hens.
I have in there:
5 white Leghorns
1 Barred rock
2 Bantam Barred rock
1 Salmon Faverolle hen
& 3 americana's (Of mixed colorations. I suspect two of them are males, cause of thier tails, no crowing yet tho. Hatched Halloween 2001!).
Those are my egg layers. Almost everyone has a name, so we don't eat much of what we have! Just the eggs from these hens! :D