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Welcome to My Feathered Flock.


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Useful things

Brooders can be made out of many things. I now have the  Brower Brooder one you see below. It came with heating element but i did not like it. I like the reg light bulb in hood!
I have used Priority mial boxes No.7 is good. I hae used other wire cages with 1x1 wire and cardboard around the outsides to prevent drafts. There are cardboard type products from poultry catalogs that you can use outside in your coops. Accompanied with a brooder light!
I now got into this Brower Brooder and i love it. Eesy to clean and the wire flooring has been a great help when some have toe problems. I don't know why, but it works great. 


Here is my Brower Brooder. It is in my livingroom where i brood ALL my chicks. I used to used boxes and cages but eventually had to go to better equipment! It was worth the investment as right now my Bobwhite quail chicks are in there all nice and cozy! :D
(as of 3/23 they now have some Porceline mille fluers and some Production red roosters in it! I have also made a different top to it and will need to update!)


Here is the brooder with home made top so i can see the little ones.This unit came with a heating element that i did not like much. I like the light hooded light bulbs best. They draw less power and are consisteant in heat! It has been successful method of supplemental heat for me! So i needed to remove the flat sheet metal lids with something more sutable. As you see from both views.


Also at times i've  had to make a divider, so that i could put two seperate species in there. I turned this one large brooder into two smaller ones. I used good old fashioned priority mail boxes as the dividers. Works Great!!

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